Malaysia’s Very First ‘First Person Shooter’ Game Based on Movie Features Eye-Catching Graphics and Cool Game Interface

Kuala Lumpur, 17 January 2017 – Media Prima Digital through its digital arm, Media Prima Labs once again tap on the local gaming market with the launch of its latest mobile games app, J Revolusi. We have seen numerous shooting games in the industry but Media Prima Labs is changing the rules by offering a First Person Shooter experience with full 3D layout and Special Operation Missions. JRevolusi app is an action packed auto shooting game based on the movie J Revolusi itself where players will be able to choose their desired characters such as Jay or Eddie in Malaysia’s Elite Special Squad. J Revolusi mobile game is bringing the film into a world full of interactivity where all players get to experience how it feels to be in the elite squad! J Revolusi film is set to be released in cinemas nationwide on the 2nd of March 2017.

Group General Manager of Media Prima Labs and Operation, Nicholas Sagau said, “First Person Shooter games have become a hit in today’s gaming industry and there is no doubt youngsters nowadays enjoy playing games in this genre. Following our success with Ejen Ali games before which has garnered more than 950,000 numbers of total downloads, we would like to take this opportunity to bring something that would be a significant impact to the world of gaming. JRevolusi app is a game with a few challenges that encourages players to be on the edge of their seats and proceed to the following stages,” said Nicholas.

In J Revolusi app, players have the opportunity to choose 3 worlds to play in, which are Mining Factory, Warehouse and City Center, as well as the choice of weapons such as M4 Carbine, MP5, Glock 18, SPAS12 and Remington 700. Additional accessories may be obtained from in-app purchases. Other than that, in-game currencies may be earned by players to upgrade owned weapons and accessories. JRevolusi app is built with good music and sound effects, not to mention the eye-catching 3D graphics to suit the challenging atmosphere of the game. Moreover, personalized settings that features some of our iconic building such as KLCC Twin Tower make it more localized and speaks right to the audience in Malaysia. Not only the characters resembled the original J Revolusi casts, Zul Ariffin and Izara Aishah, their voices were even integrated into the games.

The main page of the JRevolusi app offers tutorial to players for familiarization with the game’s mechanics. Other than that, players can customize their weapons with different colourings or purchasing coins in-app to upgrade weapons. First, players will start in Chapter 1 of the game, selecting preferred weapon and gun types. The objective is simple, which is to wipe out all enemies along the way. To move the characters around, players need only tap or hold the screen. Once all enemies are eliminated, players will advance to the next level in which the overall game difficulty will slowly increase, to add challenge to the game. To unlock new environments, guns and upgrades, players can use collected coins as they progress through the game.

Download the J Revolusi app for free now on Apple Store and Google Play Store. This interactive mobile games will surely hype the whole movie experience which scheduled to be out early March. Media Prima Labs will be launching few more interesting apps in the future that could benefit its users.


Dhiya Aizat
Lead, Marketing & Communications, Media Prima Digital
[email protected] @ 603-7726 6333 ext. 12541

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