Ahmad Izham bin Omar, aged 49, male, a Malaysian, is the Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) of Primeworks Studios Sdn Bhd (“PWS”). With a mission to always produce something new, exciting and different, Izham has ignited many different industries.

After a sterling performance heading Media Prima Television Networks (“MPTN”), Izham was promoted as Chief Executive Officer of PWS, Malaysia’s leading content company specialising in movies, television programmes, animation and more. Besides MPTN, Izham’s other notable roles included heading the company’s Radio Networks.

A multi award-winning music producer, arranger, songwriter and musician, Izham’s musical career started with the legendary Positive Tone record label in 1994, producing progressive music that captured the imagination of Malaysia. His other feats also include launching a world-class video portal called tonton, being awarded the Most Promising Entrepreneur Award by Enterprise Asia, being accepted as a delegate in the prestigious Asia Society 21 Young Leader’s Summit, and recognised with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Voice of Independent Music Awards (“VIMA”) for his contribution to music.

Izham is an alumni of Berklee College of Music (1991) in Boston, U.S. He then pursued his MBA at Suffolk University (1994) in Boston. He also attended a course in Effective Media Strategies at Harvard University (2008) in Cambridge, U.S.

Izham is the Chairman of the Communications and Multimedia Content Forum of Malaysia (“CMCF”). He has a monthly column in the New Straits Times called “For The Record” where he talks about all things music and creativity.

Other than as disclosed, he does not have any family relationship with any Directors and/or major shareholders of Media Prima. He has no personal interest in any business arrangements involving Media Prima. He has no convictions for any offences within the past five years.