Yang Hyun Kim was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of WOWSHOP Sdn. Bhd. (formerly known as MP CJ ENM Sdn. Bhd) which was first established as a Joint Venture with CJ ENM in April 2016, and later wholly owned by Media Prima in September 2020.

With his comprehensive experience, in-depth knowledge and business acumen ranging from media, retail, homeshopping, e-commerce to consumer lifestyle sector, he has played a pivotal role to diversify Group’s revenue source and bring in commerce and B2C revenue into the Group, and drive digital transformation through e-commerce and digital commerce.

Before joining the Group, since 1999, he was attached to CJ Group, Global Lifestyle Company, which had 4 core business divisions, Food and Food service, Bio, Logistics and Retail, Entertainment and Media, headquartered in Korea. With over 20 years of experience with CJ Group, he extended his foot print from broadband, Pay TV, OTT to Retail, Homeshopping, e-Commerce, and is well versed in media, broadband, commerce, digital, customer’s lifestyle business, and its convergence and innovative transformation.

During his tenure with CJ ENM Commerce Division (formerly known as CJ O Shopping), Global leading home shopping network, he was responsible for incubating, developing global business, and providing strategy consultation for India, China, Vietnam, Thailand, The Philippines, Turkey, Mexico business, and most recently initiated and led the Malaysia Homeshopping Project, and embarked the WOWSHOP business.

During his tenure with CJ Hello, No. 1 Cable TV operator in Korea, later acquired by LG U Plus in 2019, he was appointed to execute Global M&A, dispatched in India in 2012, and led a whole M&A project to acquire one of leading Pay TV operators, from the market research, feasibility study, acquisition deal structuring, due diligence, term- sheet and final negotiation among others.

Moving forward WOWSHOP to another level and keeping its market position incomparable, he will be dedicated to customer centric operation, compelling content creation, value-creating merchandising, high level of operational excellence and consistent digital transformation whilst delivering on its vision “The Foremost customer- oriented content commerce platform in Malaysia” with the tagline of “Hidup Mesti Ada Wow!”