About the Tabung Bencana NSTP-Media Prima

Media Prima has launched the Tabung Bencana NSTP-Media Prima to help victims of major disasters which includes floods, earthquakes, landslides, and fires locally and internationally.

Proceeds from the fund will be utilised to provide humanitarian assistance to those affected by disasters. We appeal to generous and caring Malaysians to provide a helping hand and assist those in need.

Donate Now
  1. Bank Transfer
    You can deposit your donation to TABUNG BENCANA NSTP-MEDIA PRIMA Maybank account number 5141-0532-0757.

    Kindly provide us with a copy of the deposit slip or any other form, as proof of donation via email to [email protected]

    All donors are advised to clearly indicate the intended recipient(s) in the Recipients Reference or Other Payment Details fields.

  2. Cheque
    All cheques should be made payable to: TABUNG BENCANA NSTP-MEDIA PRIMA.

    Mail your cheque to this address:

    Group Corporate Communications
    Media Prima Berhad
    Balai Berita
    31, Jalan Riong Bangsar
    59100 Kuala Lumpur

    If you are planning to deposit using the Cheque Deposit Machine, kindly send us a copy of the deposit slip via email [email protected].