New Straits Times (NST)

New Straits Times (NST) is one of Malaysia’s most influential newspapers, addressed to policy-makers and corporate sectors, the intelligentsia and professionals, not to mention being a language proficiency tool for the youth. With A Sharper Read as its tagline, NST inspires through insights and intelligence across its target advertisers, including the Corporate, Financial Institutions, Property, Automotive and High-end Lifestyle Brands.

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Berita Harian (BH)

Berita Harian (BH) appeals to all levels of the Malaysian society, from the working class to business people and decision makers, to students and housewives. With the tagline Merentasi Generasi, BH primarily targets Malaysians aged 35 and above, who seeks credible and unbiased news updates from a trusted source, by providing content that is suitable for the family, across all generations and races, through various platforms such as print, online news portal and mobile applications. Advertising focus include FMCG Products, Government, Services, Communication, Corporate, Property and Education sectors. With over 6.4 million total likes, followers and subscribers, Berita Harian leads the race within the industry in reaching people through social media, while maintaining their position as the top 3 most visited online news portal in Malaysia.

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Harian Metro (HM)

Harian Metro (HM) is the first Bahasa Malaysia daily in tabloid format with the highest readership figure – over 3.5 million, targeted at the young urban Malays between 18 – 35 years old and residing in market centres and urban areas. Being the first news provider in Malaysia to provide its content through online news portal, not to mention being the most visited online news portal, with a monthly average of unique visitors of 3,916,818, HM provides news that are relevant to the community and stories that evoke strong emotions. Its advertising focus include FMCG products, Communication, Services, Financial Institutions, Automotive, SMEs and the Apparel sector. For more information, visit us at

Galeri Prima

Founded in 1994, the NSTP Art Gallery is considered one of the most renowned public galleries in the Klang Valley. It owns some of the finest collections of art and has featured over 6,000 works of art from all genres. It moved to a newly transformed building in 2016 and has been renamed Galeri Prima, and now plays the vital role of promoting the creative arts scene. Galeri Prima offers a spacious space which can accommodate more creative works simultaneously. Its modern look and exclusive location make Galeri Prima one of the prime choices for art lovers and auctioneers.

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Print Towers Sdn Bhd

In 2020, Print Towers Sdn Bhd, formed out of NSTP’s Production and Distribution unit, began to operate as a profitable standalone commercial entity.