Big Drive

Achieve incomparable presence nationwide through the establishment of illustrious landmarks in cities and on expressways, nationwide. Dominate territories with spectaculars, or promote brand recall across a network of wide geographical coverage.

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Big Ride

Dominate the integrated transit network of the Klang Valley and institute multiple connections with commuters. Express premium brand stature on the transit network pillars in dense residential and high-end corporate areas across the Klang Valley, as well as in the Kuala Lumpur’s Golden Triangle, generating daily dialogues with urban dwellers.

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Big Buy

Reach shoppers by influencing their purchasing power at the final stage of their path-to-purchase. Institute formidable impressions on high-spending local and international visitors at Malaysia’s most well-known retail hubs.

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Big D'Gital

Captivate audiences through cutting edge, dynamic visuals on digital screens which are available indoor and outdoor, across multiple touch points. Display single or multiple brand messages, and offer multidimensional communication; either 1-way or 2-way or even evoke social media engagements。

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Big+ bridges out-of-home solutions with online capabilities. It prompts consumers via out-of-home advertisements and targets them further on their mobile. Furthermore, induce an immediate call-to-action, where upon seeing advertisements on static or digital out-of-home, audience would be able to take action on advertisements instantaneously.

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Big Activation

Transform consumers into brand advocates via on-ground engagements, enticing the senses of consumers through first-hand experience of brand and product. Deliver immersive brand experiences at multiple locations, whilst bridging 2-way communication between brands and consumers.

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Impart brand leadership on elite urbanites of the Klang Valley. Exude presence and visibility on premium street furniture along arterial roads and intracity expressways, cutting across affluent residential areas and key business districts.